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Date added: 2015-05-13 Length: 00:35:56 Rating:
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Description : Pretty, longhaired Thai TS Cartoon shows off her tanned, femme bod in a leopard-print bikini with fishnet stockings. She poses seductively, penis tucked between her thighs ... and opens up to reveal a long, fat, uncut brown prick as Bo Ryder watches, stroking himself hard through his briefs. Cute Cartoon pulls out his cock for a blow job. He fucks the back of her throat and his erection makes Cartoon's cheeks balloon. She tugs his head up her hot ass for a rim job and Bo deep-throats her from behind. Cartoon cock-whips his face! Bo butt-fucks the hot ladyboy as she jacks her big meat. When her anus gapes, he spits and whistles into the echoing cavern! Ecstatic Cartoon jacks out streams of semen as he slam-fucks her ass; Bo pulls out and creams her crotch.
Date added: 2014-05-04 Length: 00:24:16 Rating:
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Description : Cartoon is an ultra-femme Thai ladyboy with a gorgeous face and a trim, tanned body in fashionable lingerie, fishnet stockings and shiny, leather heels. She teases director Joey Silvera's camera, showing off a lovely body ... and the huge, uncut brown boner that suddenly bounces out of her panties. She jacks her joint, greases up her scrotum and shaft and fingers her smooth anus. After a long session of stroking her thick, towering meat, Cartoon's uncut prick shoots dollops of white semen onto her shiny black shoe, and she squeezes more cream from her foreskin.